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Little Mix singing How Ya Doin on Ponty's Big Weekend 20/07/13

The Do's and Don't's of Being Famous
  • Do: Misha Collins
  • Don't: Justin Bieber
  • Class is dismissed.
#TrafficSinging x

Leigh-Anne’s Alphabet » G is for Good Morning America 

  • Harry: Lou?
  • Louis: Yes, love?
  • Harry: You know what, I really don't like your last name...
  • Louis: What? Why? What's wrong with Tomlinson?
  • Harry: Dunno, I just thinks it needs a bit more style in it.
  • Louis: Well, not everybodys name can be Styles, can it- aaaah wow, I see what you did there! Very clever!
  • Harry:
  • Louis: Wait...
  • Harry:
  • Louis: Harry...
  • Harry:
  • Louis: Harry Styles, did you just propose to me?
Little Mix talking about "Always Be Together."

"I’d turn lesbian for rihanna"
— jesy nelson (via pandjscurry)
does anyone know when clevver TV will post the last episode of Little Mix Me?

DNA tour visual effects.

Jerrie getting their wedding shoot.

Jerrie getting their wedding shoot.